Pupil Voice

At Simpson’s Lane Academy we pride ourselves in listening to the children’s thoughts and opinions when it comes to moving our Academy forward. We feel, at our Academy, that it is important that every child’s voice is heard. Throughout their time at the academy, we ask pupils about their learning experiences, which in turn helps sculpt their education.

The children at Simpson’s Lane are given the opportunity to represent their academy as either Academy Councillors, Eco Councillors or School Reps. The children fulfilling these roles get the opportunity to liase with other pupils and staff about how the school can be developed further.

We conduct regular pupil voice involving behaviour, their quality of learning in lessons, children’s interests, preferences for afterschool clubs, their experiences during lunchtimes and how safe they feel while in the Academy.

This information then feeds into the changes we make. 

Votes For Schools

The children in our Academy, get the opportunity to express their views and opinions on different topics around current issues in the world. For more information about this visit our page below:

Children Comments

Lego Therapy

I find this session fun. It helps me speak properly instead of mixing my words up. My favourite role is being made supplier because I don’t have to speak as much.


It gets me thinking more than usual and communicating in different ways.


Lego helps me to be calm especially the building role. I feel good when I am the engineer because I get to talk a lot. I look forward to the sessions.


Drawing & Talking

This helps me a lot, it helps express my feelings by talking and drawing. I like talking with Mrs Gill. I find it fun.


I like it because I love drawing and I feel like it is making me smarter.



It’s very calming and quiet and a break from the noisy classroom. I like the work and I find it easy. I am learning to express my feelings.


I like going to thrive because I can play games and it’s fun. I can show my feelings there and if I am sad it cheers me up..


I like going to Thrive with Mrs Gill because I get to play and do work. I learn about how I feel.


Thrive makes me want to come to school more especially on a Monday morning. My favourite thing is playing Ludo with my group.



We work in groups in science and we can help each other if we don’t understand, then if the whole group doesn’t understand, the teacher will explain it again to us

Rebecca 6SC

We have a wall in the science lab, every year group does, it has facts, pictures and our experiments on the side like a display. We recap what we did last time

Rebecca, Tobias, Timothy & Pearl, 6SC

I enjoy science, we can see changes and it helps us learn

Year 1

Frogspawn is the egg from a frog. A tadpole comes out of it and eats the frogspawn. It is then a froglet with a tiny tail, the tail disappears and it turns into a grown-up frog

Adrian 2CG