Educational Trips and Visitors

We feel at Simpson’s Lane that it is important that our children get to experience learning from outside the classroom and have the opportunity to attend educational visits. For that reason, as part of our curriculum the children are given access to a range of visits. It is our strong belief that by giving the children the opportunity to experience the wider world it will enhance their sense of belonging within it and help shape them into role model citizens and/ or inspire children into a future prospect.

As part of our RE unit on Christianity Year 1 visited St Botolph’s Church. The children explored the church and took part in the retelling of the First Christmas Story. They also learnt the meaning behind the Christingle and had opportunities to ask questions.

Residential visit to Dallowgill

At Simpson’s Lane, we offer a wide range of external trips as well as visitors coming into the academy. Each year, our Year 5 pupils are given the opportunity to attend a 3 day visit to Delta’s Environmental and Outdoor Education Centre called ‘Dallowgill’. This trip is subsidised by school to ensure all children have the opportunity to attend and experience the trip.

Dallowgill provides visitors with the ability to experience the environment in a truly unique way.

There are few cars, light pollution is low and the centre is surrounded by many different habitats.

Through exploring and interacting with the local environment we aim to instil a passion for the natural world. In turn this will arm our young people with knowledge and understanding that helps them to make changes to the way they interact with the world and utilise its resources.

We aim to run the centre with as little environmental impact as possible by:

· using local suppliers whenever possible.

· thinking carefully about the environmental impact of the products we use.

· working to improve the environment around the centre to support wildlife.

· working with local and national partners to ensure that the information and resources used at Dallowgill are up to date and accurate.

For more information about the venue visit: Environmental and Outdoor Education Centre – Dallowgill (

Year 2 visit the Castle

Year 2 visited Pontefract Castle as part of their wider curriculum learning. We have learned to recognise what a castle is and that it is used to defend. We have understood what the key features of a castle are and could name these, such as the tower, bailey and the keep. We also recognised why Pontefract Castle is important to where we live, the children were encouraged to form their own opinions on this using various sources such as photographs along with historical knowledge. During the visit we compared images of Pontefract Castle when it was in its original from to how it looks today and discussed how it has changed over time. 

A visit from Paul Sturgess

We have had an extraordinary visitor into Simpson’s Lane this week – Paul Sturgess. He is recognised as the tallest man in Britain and has played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters. Paul came in and talked about his career and some of the fortunate things he has been able to do since embracing his differences. He also talked about some themed topics such as; living a healthy lifestyle, anti bullying, embracing our own differences and discovering our talents. Paul also included the children in fun basketball tricks and ran basket ball sessions for each year group throughout the day.

Year 4 visit Ledston Hall

Year 4 loved their visit to Ledston Hall. We got to work as a team to build dens, become nature experts learning about the nature code and create our own nature inspired bunting using leaves. We learnt lots about hibernation and prey, and how animals camouflage and why.

September 2023

Year 3 visit The National Coal Mining Museum

Year 3 loved their visit to the Coal Mining Museum, they had the chance to go down the Pits and even to meet the Pit Ponies!

January 2024.

Year 1 trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 had a great time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They loved seeing the animals up so close.

January 2024.

Year 3 trip to The Temple

February 2024.

Y4 trip to Eureka

February 2024.