Awards at Simpson's Lane Academy

Rewards ‘Green Points and Evergreen’
Children can earn ‘green points’ for exceptional behaviour, exceptional work, attendance and
any other aspects decided upon by the staff member in charge of the children at that particular
time. Pupils can spend their points in the academy’s Swap Shop.
All staff in the academy may only give 1 additional green point at a time with the exception of SLT
members who may award up to a maximum of 2 green points at a time, with the AP & VP being
able to award 3 green points. The HoA can award up to 5 green points.

Other Incentives
There are lots of other positive reinforcement measures the academy uses, including texting
parents, weekly stars of the week winners and tweets.

Each week Simpson’s Lane awards a child from each class with ‘Star of the Week’. This can be for any number of reasons, for example being kind to another child, trying extra hard with a piece of work or learning a new skill and sharing it with others. These starts of the week are shared in our Friday celebration assembly, where they come to the front and share their celebration with the school. We are very proud of our Simpson’s Lane Stars. 


Elite Dodgeball Festival

Year 5 and 6 represented the academy at Elite’s Dodgeball Festival on Friday 20th January. The day consisted of exciting team building games as well as a dodgeball tournament in the afternoon. The children had a great time showcasing their skills in a fun, competitive nature. Our children came 1st!!

Academy accreditations

Qualified Mental Health first aiders for both adults and children