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  • Simpson's Lane v England Lane

    17th June 2014

    Simpson’sLaneAcademy                  v        EnglandLaneAcademy               

    Tuesday 17th June 2014

    Venue: Simpson’s Lane

     England     Lane                   3        V         8               Simpson’s Lane 


    A Haigh

    T Camfield


     Line up:

     J Caulfield


    J J Hunter-Smith

    B Smith

    R Witney

    S Ratcliffe


    A Haigh- Captain

    T Camfield

    Star Player: 

    Joe Junior – 9/10 

    A vital player in a   fantastic performance! Joe stayed and defended resolutely which allowed the   rest of the team to attack. (A

  • 4D - Forest School

    17th March 2014

    4D are now back in full-swing with the Forest School sessions now follwing the miserable, winter weather!

    The children are really enjoying the sessions and working extremely hard. Last week we measured perimeter in the woodland using only natural resources (which was easy for the children). They worked in groups to create 2D shapes from sticks or twigs then measured them using a tape measure.

    We also told some stories based on clay figures we made, which were brilliant. All of the kids used their imagination

  • 3C Forest School

    12th March 2014

    3C started their Forest School sessions last week and have had the added benefit of sunshine for both sessions. They have melted marshmallows on the campfire, started using hand tools to whittle wood, built shelters and climbed trees.

    Today the children worked in pairs and small groups to complete the Woodland Trust's Diamond Challenge. This involved using viewfinders and taking photographs from different viewpoints, such as the viewpoint of a bird or insect. This challenge will help us to earn more points s

  • Role play - The Christmas Story

    9th January 2014

    In 3R, we role played the Christmas story.  Then, we freeze framed the action and thought about how the people in the story might have felt.  It was lots of fun!

  • First Game

    20th November 2013

    England Lane Academy                v               Simpson’s Lane Academy

    Tuesday 19th November 2013

    Venue: England Lane

    England Lane                   3        V         9               Simpson’s Lane 


    A Haigh 4

    E Cummings 4

    C Ferguson

     Line up: 

    K Attack - GK

    L Potter

    G Olawoyin

    L Sargeson

    R Witney

    H-R Witney

    S Ratcliffe

    E Moffat

    C Ferguson- Captain

    A Haigh

    E Cummings

    Star Player:

    Hollie-Rose Witney –   9/10 

    A vital player in a fantastic performance! Hollie stayed and defended stoutly which allowed the rest of the

  • Going for Gold in P.E.

    30th October 2013

    Fantastic news! The Government are desperate to increase physical activity in primary schools.

    With this in mind, we are currently working hard to see how we can improve P.E. in our school as we have some fantastic athletes!

    If you have any suggestions or know anybody who can help us with P.E, (local clubs, coaches, facilities etc.) please come and see Mr. Deakin.


    Thank You

  • African Workshops

    21st October 2013

    On Monday we had two African workshops taking place to introduce our Black History focus week. We had lots of fun learning about African culture and tradition through drumming and mask making workshops.

  • Woodland Trust Bronze Award

    2nd October 2013

    We have just acheived the Woodland Trust Green Tree School Bronze Award. We will keep working hard to achieve the Silver and Gold awards so we can get the plaque.

    Keep your eye on upcoming activities and events to help us gain more points and achieve the Silver award.

  • 3R Kagan Team Activities

    15th September 2013

    To get to know each other better, and to work better as a team, we have been taking part in team building activities.  We have also been getting to know each other by quizzing each other on hobbies and interests.  It has been really good fun and we have learned a lot about our new friends.

  • Becoming an International School

    8th September 2013

    We have recently been awarded the Foundation mark for the International School Award! This is the first step to becoming a fully-fledged 'international school'.

    Last year Mr Deakin's class created a link with a school in Sri Lanka. This is continuing this year. But now, every class will be involved.

    We have already: written letters, shared work and spoken via email. As well as this, there will be exciting projects coming up very soon so we will keep you posted!